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Mastech: Master of Technology is a European Union funded 3-years TEMPUS project aiming at designing a new master program of technology.

Flexible Modular Master Program in Technology

  • Flexible = Flexibility in conduction of courses or part of them for university education and vocational training programmes
  • Modular = different educational modules independent from each other and completing each other
  • Master Program = 2 year educational program at the master level (M.Sc. or M.Eng.)
  • Technology = Manufacturing Technology

The specific objectives of this project are:

(1) Developing a novel modular curriculum and establishing a sustainable technology program for an innovative two year Master program of excellence in Technology reforming the higher education and in the same time adapting to the particular conditions of each partner country (PC).

(2) Providing the EU state of the art education in the technological fields that results in more flexibility in learning and practical qualification.

(3) Enhancing transparency and comparability of the PC educational systems and, therefore, facilitating the recognition of studies abroad.

(4) Restructuring the education system in technology to enhance the competitiveness and hierarchical positioning of PC universities within their own countries and in the global market place.

(5) Focusing the education in technological fields specific for partner countries industries, thus making easier the access to the labor market of graduates.

(6) Fortifying the university-enterprises relationship.



The fifth Consortium meeting 15, 16 of april 2013 in Paris. this meeting is hosted by ENSAM

The second Spring course is scheduled in Annaba, Algeria, May 5-7, 2013